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Lawn Mushrooms - Fall 2019

By Cathy Cripps, edited by Chance Noffsinger

The Schutter Diagnostic Lab has received multiple samples and questions concerning mushroomsgrowing in lawns this fall. Many mushrooms grow in lawns and Dr. Cathy Cripps has some advice regarding our fall fungal friends.

The mushrooms are out---but not the right kind

With all the moisture, mushrooms are coming up all over lawns, meadows, and low elevation forests. Their diversity is stunning right now. However, most of the well-known edible mushrooms (chanterelles, king boletes, and morels) are long gone. The edible sweet tooth (Hydnum repandum) is still coming up in the woods in a few places and shaggy manes (Coprinus comatus) are sprouting. But caution is advised--my lawn is covered with hundreds of buff-colored Hebelomas and whitish Tricholomas which are toxic but not deadly. Since the lawn mushrooms coming up now are difficult to tell apart, we are not recommending them for the table. Also, any mushrooms in lawns where herbicides or pesticides and even fertilizers have been applied are not for the table since mushrooms take up these toxins like a sponge. Be cautious, be safe!

Eva Grimme, MSU Plant Disease Diagnostician (eva.grimme@montana.edu)Cathy Cripps, MSU Mycologist (ccripps@montana.edu) Chance Noffsinger, MSU Research Assistant (chance.noffsinger@student.montana.edu)

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