All of the forms that you will be needing for the new 4-H year are on the ZSuite's website!

**If you prefer paper copies of everything, you can print them directly off of the ZSuites website or feel free to call the office. We would be more than happy to print anything off for you or help you with the new online system!**


ZSuites Re-Enrollment Help Form

4-H Record Book Forms

4-H Forms

Apply to be a State Ambassador Officer

The Montana 4-H State Ambassador program provides opportunities for youth to represent 4-H through leadership and service at the state level. State Ambassadors Officers are a select team of Montana 4-H Ambassadors that have demonstrated leadership in their county 4-H programs, and who are interested in developing and refining skills to teach other 4-H youth about leadership, promotion and service.

Junior Camp Counselor

Love 4-H camp and bummed that you can't go as a regular camper? Once you enter 9th grade, you can become a Camp Counselor! Enjoy all the fun of camp and help new members learn to love the experience!!  2023 Junior Camp Counselor applications are due to the Extension Office by December 16, 2022.