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4-H Enrollment

4-H Enrollment and re-enrollment will be through ZSuite this year. If you are a returning 4-H member, your information will already be in the system. You must click the SIGN UP button to get to the right page. For NEW ENROLLMENTS you also start with the SIGN UP button! If you have any questions please call the Extension Office.

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Red Hot Blast

"We invite you to one spectacular event! Presenting an opportunity for you to enjoy a wide array of wine and beer, as the generous distributors showcase their wares for your tasting pleasure. Mixed drinks and additional beers will be available as well by the Waterhole Saloon!"

Spring 2021

Date TBD

Stanford City Hall

Providing you with research-based food and nutrition information.

"Our food and nutrition specialists develop and modify up-to-date, research-based resources, programs, and partner supports for you and your community across Montana. Through conducting and connecting your communities to research and local evaluation, we are able to identify new and emerging needs across teh state. We work closely with MSU Extension county offices to provide valuable information to the public through publications, classes, partnerships, answering questions, and providing social media insights with research-based resources.

Food Preservation Fridays

"Are you a new food preserver or interested in a refresher on safe techniques? While we can't always preserve together at the moment, we would like to invite you into our Extension home kitchens to learn from MSU Extension food preservers about the science and strategies behind safe and delicious research-based preservation best practices!"

Access the Food Preservation Fridays Series Here

Food Safety

You can help prevent foodborne illness in your home, business, and community

View Food Preservation and Food Safety Information Page Here

Buy Eat Live Better helps Montanans save money on food, make healthy eating choices, and incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives.

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Connecting you with research based information on nutrition, cooking, and food culture in Montana.

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Dining with Diabetes

Information and Find Classes on Dining with Diabetes Here

4-H Health

"4-H Health program was developed to assist parents/guardians in making lasting changes that are significant in improving preteen and family health, while respecting the contraints of busy schedules and addressing the unique aspects of a rural livestyle. Resources are available if you would like to use this program in your community."

View 4-H Health Program Details and Resources

Food Preservation Courses

View MSU Extension Food Preservation Webpage

Food Fact Sheets

"From apples to zucchini, these food fact sheets created by MSU Extension will provide you valuable growing, harvesting, selection, storage, nutrition, prep, and processing information."

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What is the Well-Connected Communities Program?

"Well-Connected Communities (WCC) nationwide program goal: Communities become healthier through the inclusion and participation of the residents helping each other at all ages."

Coalistions, including youth and adult community leaders, will:

  • Identify community health strengths, challenges, and priorities.
  • Develop and implement a community action plan to address a priority health issue.
  • Participate in action plan and volunteer leadership training opportunities.
  • Receive content and technical support from MSU campus specialists across all content areas and the National Well-Connected Community Team

The National Well-Connected Communities program information may be found on the website linked here

MSU Extension family and consumer science news articles on a variety of topics promoting health and wellness.

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