RMHP3 is a federally funded grant program designed to prepare counselors for Montana’s rural schools and communities.

The goals of the RMHP3:

  1. Currently there are 3.7 counselors per year in rural schools and communities.  The RMHP3 will increase that number to 10.
  2.  RMHP3 will bring rural communities a best practices, long-term sustainable model for mental health services.
  3. RMHP3 will grow much needed safety and support in rural schools and communities for all community members. 

We encourage you to learn more about the RMHP3 program and how it will serve our rural Montana communties.


In 2020, Montana was 3rd in the nation for suicides with 26.1 deaths per 100,000 individuals.  If you or a loved one are in crisis, need resources for mental health services, want information on substance abuse programs, or need someone to talk to, there is help.  988 the National Lifeline Crisis Hotline is here for you.  Call, text or chat 24/7.

Family Stress and Coping

Life can certainly have it's ups and downs which frequently can cause of some level of stress.  Learn how your body reacts to stress, how stress affects our families and gain the tools to cope. 

Montana AG Producers Stress and Behavorial Health

Montana Ag producers stress resources are available to assist with better understanding your stress and its effects on physical and mental health, manage your stress, learn how to help family and loves ones who may be in crisis, and get help to meet your stress management or mental health needs.  There are low cost / no cost telehealth or face to face therapy services available as well as help hotlines.

Being Mindful Through the Years

Mindfulness practices can be simple techniques that encourage the individual to focus on what is happening in the moment. Mindfulness practices help youth and adults intentionally observe what is going on in the present. 

Managing Anger for Better Health and Relationships (pdf)

Of the many emotions we experience, anger is the one that most negatively affects our health.  Anger is stress that explodes outward, often with negative consequences. Yet anger is a valid emotion and at times can motivate us in both positive and negative ways.