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  • Conservation Seedling Nursery:  Order forms can be printed from their web site, and sent via mail, email or fax. For detailed descriptions and other information on each species please visit their web site at www.dnrc.mt.gov/nursery. Please consult their web page, call, or email for current availability and pricing.
  • The 2020 ordering season through the JB County Extension is now over.

Leaf damage from honeylocust podgall midge

Figure 1. Leaf damage from the honeylocust podgall midge. Photo by Eileen Kenney.

Blister Mites on Apple Leaves - Statewide

Honeylocust Podgall Midge

Herbicide Injury in Home Gardens

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are dark green areas of grass or turf that form a circular or semi-circular pattern, occasionally, with areas of slow-growing or dead turf (Figure 1). Mushrooms can form in the dark green rings.

Fire Blight 2020 - Statewide

Grasshoppers in Yard & Garden

Dieback on Shrubs and Trees 

Last fall we had an early and severe cold snap that caught many of our deciduous trees and shrubs before they had the chance to harden off properly. This resulted in many of our woody plants retaining their leaves, as an indicator of this problem. As a result of this early freeze, and temperature fluctuations in early spring, many deciduous trees and shrubs appear to be dead. Deciduous trees should be given time to struggle through and recover. Many have secondary buds that are formed for just such an event, and may yet leaf out. Use a thumbnail to shallowly scrape into the cambium of the branch - if it is green, the branch is alive and needs to be given time to recover. Another test is the suppleness of the branch. Traditionally we recommend folks give their trees until at least the 4th of July to recover from such a winter, and sometimes even longer if the branches still appear to be alive.


Social Wasps in Montana

We have  several social wasps in Montana. Check out wasps info.

Asian Giant Hornet

This hornet is not known to be in Montana at this time. Info on the Asian Giant Hornet

Helpful Summer & Autumn MontGuides: 

Yard & Garden Water Management

Home-Canning Pressures and Processing Times 

Freezing Vegetables

We have many more available in the office, please stop in or give us a call!